Blog Post Submission

WAFTA will:

always post submissions in a timely way by scheduling items if necessary.
will respond to one approach only on any item.
reserve the right to make edits that are appropriate to WAFTA.
reserve the right to post to Facebook only.
not always send a confirmation due to lack of volunteers to do this work.
reserve the right to ask for reciprocal posting.

Instructions for Sending a Blog Post to WAFTA

  • Thank you for helping to build our dynamic WAFTA community. We value your contribution. You will receive acknowledgement that your submission has been received and we will respond to your submission soon. Please complete all fields in the form below. Website addresses, images and PDFs can be included in the appropriate area. Do not include images in the post itself as these will not upload correctly. All posts will be moderated and WAFTA reserves the right to decide what is posted on the WAFTA Blog.

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