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Hi there, ooh hope we didn’t scare you!  We just wanted to say a BIG Thank You for choosing to join us and wanted to ask very nicely for you to fill in this form for our records.  We know it’s not much fun filling in forms, but the info is very important to help us process your membership renewal.  When we receive your form we’ll know you want stay with us, and we’ll be able to thank you for supporting us again, and we can send you the great news about what we’ve got in store for you…. and we’ll know what kind of great textile things you love to do and want us to do for you.  Payment details alone don’t give us any info about you.. thank you for your patience.

NB.  There is no need to be logged in to complete or submit this form, or to process payment.  We are now using an online ‘shop’ for our membership payments that enables you to easily use Paypal (preferred) or EFT

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  • The WAFTA membership year runs from 1st July to 30th June in any calendar year.

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