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Fresh from Fibres West 2017………….

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  • AIMEE LEE, Artist USA was our highly accomplished guest speaker at our July 18 meeting.

An internationally recognised artist, papermaker, writer, and the leading Hanji researcher and practitioner in the USA, Aimee’s ‘current work is rooted in hanji (Korean paper) and its traditions’ (www.aimeelee.net/about/ ). Aimee led us through a visual feast of traditional Korean paper making techniques using video. She explained in detail the amount of repetition and practice required to perfect these traditional techniques, leaving us in awe of the fine attention to both technique and detail that is paid to the art throughout the process.

Aimee’s Fulbright scholarship research in Korea led her to the first US Hanji studio at Morgan Conservatory and to her award winning book, the last two of which were quickly ‘snapped up’ by two lucky members after her talk. 

Aimee’s work is exhibited internationally and collected in numerous libraries including Brooklyn Museum of Art, MOMA, and Yale University and she generously displayed pieces of her beautiful artwork which exemplified the level of intricate perfection required to make her beautifully simple designs using this technique.

Our biggest thanks were offered to Aimee on behalf of members when Di Binns, WAFTA Chairperson and Aimee’s billet, presented her with a pair of locally made beating poles for paper mulberry pulp. These are light and strong and made out of Tasmanian oak. Aimee returns to the USA to continue her work, such as teaching and lecturing at the American Museum of Natural History,  Asian Art Museum, Cleveland Museum of Art, Denver Art Museum, Metropolitan Museum of Art, and numerous art and design colleges and art schools such as Haystack, Peters Valley and Pentland.

  • We also heard ………..

,,,,,,,,the latest WAFTA news from our Chairperson, Diane Binns and enjoyed a light supper and a cuppa prepared by our generous WAFTA volunteers – Delys Brady and Lyn Brown – through the capable organisation of our General Committee member, Joy Keith who was ill on the night. Thanks again ladies.

Update: We all wish Joy a speedy recovery from her recent stay in hospital. It was good to hear you’re doing well Joy. 

  • Plus ………

Following on from the very successful Fibres West 2017 event, WAFTA welcomed a Fibres West showcase table at the meeting.  Martien van Zuilen thanked WAFTA members for our support of Fibreswest 2017 as advertisers, billet hosts, volunteers, students and traders.  On display and for sale were approximately 20 wonderful (and highly original!) works of the 15 x 15 exhibition that was launched at Fibres West. They were all for sale at only $15 each, with all funds raised going towards planning the next Fibres West event in 2019.

Also for sale were the popular Fibres West 2018 calendars and members bought their own copy.


Please note meetings start at 7pm sharp. Admission: $5 members   $10 guests

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